VIDAR digitizers are designed to digitize analogue X-ray films and send the digital information to the connected PACS for storage and processing. The reader has a precise mechanism to move the film smoothly over the high-resolution digitizer head, converting the image information to digital signals. The digital image will appear on the monitor of the workstation immediately to check the quality. The images are merged to the patient data by DICOM work list, so the digitalized images sent to the PACS will be stored to the proper place. Printing and burning CD/DVD locally are also possible.

VIDAR film digitizers can cover the full range of medical application needs. They can offer solutions to digitalize not just general radiographic, CT, MR, ultrasound and nuclear medicine films, but mammography and dental films as well. VIDAR offers the only 32-bit data path in the industry to maximize greyscale accuracy and performance.

As part of our digital systems, Ray-Tech Medical Ltd. offers to distribute, install and service X-ray film digitizers of VIDAR Systems Corporation.