Ray-Tech Medical Ltd. is an innovative manufacturing, trading and servicing company, specializing in the medical X-ray business.

Main activities:

  • Medical technology development and manufacturing
  • Marketing medical systems, equipments and parts
  • Installation, maintenance and service
  • Post-digitization of radiology systems
  • Technical consultation



Ray-Tech Medical – Your X-ray technology supplier”. This slogan summarizes our aim to use and provide the most modern X-ray technology solutions to our customers. It moves and determinates all our activities: developing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing. We always supply the latest technology for our customers.



Gyorgy Szalai

GYÖRGY SZALAI general manager, founder and owner of Ray-Tech Medical Ltd. As a result of his long-standing and successful professional activity he has become one of the significant players in the medical X-ray business.


Professional background:

Mechanical technician, computer programmer, mathematician, hardware-software development engineer, service engineer, head of R&D department, sales engineer, general manager, with more than 25 years experience in medical X-ray business. Participated in several R&D jobs, mainly as project manager (developing the first Hungarian Computer Tomograph, the first hungarian high frequency X-ray generator {TOP-X}, the first Hungarian digital chest screening system based on line-scanner technology, the first Hungarian CCD digital-spot system, CR and flat-panel DR systems, PACS and chest-CAD softwares etc). Work experience with Lorad, Trixell, Thales, Philips, Konica, Sony and Canon digital systems. One year engineering work experience in the USA and Russia, and several service and business trips (to the USA, China, Russia, Estonia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Slovakia, France, the Netherlands …).