Max-X DR Retro is a high-quality easy-to-use DR package, developed for cost-effective digitization of nearly any X-ray unit manufactured. The package is suitable for building new systems as well as for post-digitization of existing conventional film or CR cassette workplaces. According to customer needs the package can consist different number, model, size and technical parameters of selectable detectors.

The touch-screen controlled PC, functioning as operator console for the X-ray generator as well, is connected to the hospital PACS as a DICOM modality.



Flat panel detector & generator interface

The flat panel detectors acquiring the images in Max-X DR Retro package are selectable from a wide range of types and technical parameters. These special solid state units are able to create high-resolution digital images direct from X-ray exposure with very low patient dosage. According to the examination device to digitize and the needs of the customer the package can contain sizes and technical parameters

The system can handle up to 6 pcs detectors, in any combination of 35x43cm or 43x43cm, with CsI or GOS scintillator, with cable-, battery- or capacitor powering, with wired or wireless connection to PC.


Docking station

 For not cassette size compatible detectors the Max-X DR Retro package consists appropriate docking stations. The outline dimensions, mounting and connection of this units are compatible with the conventional bucky devices, so the post-digitization procedure is fast and simple: the docking station is directly mountable to the place of the dismounted old bucky. Existing AEC chambers can be transferred to the new detector holder – eliminating the need to recalibrate the AEC system. For the different detectors and user needs there are several docking stations models to choose (with fix or rotatable plate, with centric or isocentric rotation, with stationary or moving grid, in manual or semiautomatic version).


Touch-screen PC with controller software

Controlling the Max-X DR Retro system is managed by an integrated operator console, built with a high-performance PC. The detectors are connected to here in wired or wireless mode. It communicates to the PACS system through standard DICOM protocol. The operator can handle the worklist management, patient administration, set of examination and X-ray parameters from here, and the preview image after the exposure will be displayed on the same operator monitor. The Windows based software provides wide range of image optimization and post-processing functions. The checked images are sent to the PACS for storage and post-processing (reporting, printing, archiving etc.). Thanks to the ergonomically designed large icons the usage is safe and error-free in a wide range of room-lightings.


Safety powering

To protect the Max-X DR Retro system against power fails the package includes an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), and also includes a special safety insulation transformer needed for use the system in medical environment.

The Max-X DR Retro package includes all components (detector(s), docking station(s), generator interface box with power supply, PC, touch-screen monitor, safety insulation transformer, UPS, system cables, install CD, installation documents, user manual) needed for the digitization.



  • Wide range of selectable detectors
  • Dedicated docking stations for every detector models
  • Generator consol integration to the image controller (for selected generators only)
  • Wide selection of DICOM services
  • Multilanguage support


  • 1-6 pcs fix mounted or mobile flat panel detector(s)
  • Wired or Wi-Fi detector communication
  • Integrated touch screen control PC
  • Generator control integrated into the image controller
  • Multilanguage system messages
  • Automatic gridline suppression and image optimization
  • Wide range of image post-processing options
  • Standard DICOM network connection to PACS
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Safety isolating transformer
  • Low-cost and environmentally-friendly operation