The quality of the X-ray diagnose is determined by the quality level of the radiology system.

Testpattern Sensitometer

According to the harmonization of EU Directives, to keep radiology systems at an acceptable quality level, the ministerial decree 16/2006 (III.27.) EüM entered into force in 11th april 2006 in Hungary, containing regulations compatible with the Council Directive 93/42/ECC concerning medical devices. It orders to perform a periodical re-checking procedure on all radiological diagnostical systems every 2nd year (except the dental units and the CT systems). The investigation can be performed by authorised service companies only, having all the appropriate measuring devices and documented test-methods, and accredited by OTH (Authority for Medical Devices).

Ray-Tech Medical performs the periodical re-checking procedure of radiological diagnostic devices and systems according to all particulars of the above mentioned regulation.