Max-X DR Trauma is a modern, flexible, semi-automatic digital X-ray system, developed primarily for busy traumatology rooms. The ceiling-mounted tube support, the 4-way floating top elevating table, and the precise vertical wall stand provides fast and accurate positioning even for the most complex exposures. The X-ray tube vertically follows the movement of the examination table and the vertical wall stand. It keeps the tube in position automatically. The portable flat panel detector can easily be moved from the table and inserted into the wall stand. Portability provides high quality digital images of patients being either on the table, stretcher or in wheelchair. The touch screen monitor of the system is the control panel of the high frequency X-ray generator as well. The central control computer of the system is connected to the hospital PACS network as a standard DICOM modality.

For higher workload the system can be ordered with double 43x43cm detectors - one dedicated to the patient table and the other to the wall stand, either with wired or Wi-Fi data connection.




Ceiling suspended tube support, elevating table and vertical wall stand


The extraordinary flexibility of Max-X DR Trauma system is guaranteed by the easy-to-use ceiling mounted motorized tube support, and the associated synchronized 4-way-float elevating table & vertical wall stand. In manual mode the fully counterbalanced telescopic tube support can easily and quickly be set in any position. In semi-automatic mode the tube follows the vertical motion of the examination table or the vertical wall stand automatically, keeping the tube always in the specified position relative to the detector. The tube is rotatable vertically and horizontally as well.


Digital flat panel detector


In basic version Max-X DR Trauma system is equipped with one 35x43 cm high resolution amorphous-Silicon digital flat panel detector, capable of creating high quality fine X-ray images with very low patient dosage. The detector can be inserted into the docking station of the table or the wallstand, providing cost-effective use of one single portable detector for both devices. As an additional benefit the same detector can be used for over-table or wheel-chair exposures as well. The detector connection to the controller PC can be wired or Wi-Fi. The image appears on the touch screen monitor within 6 sec after exposure.

For larger image area or to increase the workflow the system can be equipped with 2 pcs portable or fix mounted 43x43 cm large area detectors – one dedicated to the table and the other to the wallstand. For special purposes the system can be completed with a high-resolution third detector.


High-frequency X-ray generator and tube


In the Max-X DR Trauma system X-ray is provided by a modern, microprocessor controlled, high frequency X-ray generator and its associated rotating-anode fine-focus X-ray tube. The generator control is integrated to the common touch-screen control panel of the imaging system. Optimal image quality is guaranteed by the built-in AEC dose control. The supervisor program monitors the system status and any operator intervention all the time - thus effectively preventing any setting or events that could cause damage or overload to the system.


Integrated control console and operation


The Max-X DR Trauma system is controlled from a large, integrated touch-screen console. All functions are accessible here: worklist handling, patient administration, study selection, generator control. It displays the preview image after exposure, and when the operator checked, it can be sent to the connected PACS for storage and processing (evaluation, printing, archiving etc). The built in software performs automatic image optimization, but wide range of manual image post-processing functions are available as well. The ergonomic design and large icons ensure reliable control in any environment.



  • Manual or motorized movement of telescopic tube support, automatic tracking function
  • Floating table with fix height or motorized height adjustment
  • Optional wall stand tilting, and range of accessories
  • Single, double or triple detector operation
  • Wide range of selectable detectors (35x43 or 43x43cm, cassette-size compatible or not, wired or Wi-Fi connected)
  • 40/50/65/80 kW generators, for single or three phase operation, with integrated touch screen control
  • Range of tubes (different powers, focal spot sizes and rotation speeds)
  • Range of collimators (manual or motorized, with LED light and laser beam)
  • Wide selection of DICOM services
  • Multilanguage support


  • Motorized ceiling mounted tube support with autotracking
  • Elevating patient table and 4-way floating table-top
  • Rotatable tube stand with cross-table movement
  • Precisely balanced vertical wall stand with tilting front panel
  • 1 or 2 pcs, fix or portable FPD with wired or Wi-Fi connection
  • Integrated touch screen control, multilanguage operation
  • Automatic grid suppression and image optimization
  • Wide range of image post-processing options
  • Standard DICOM network connection to PACS
  • 40-80kW high frequency X-ray generator with AEC
  • Generator control integrated into the imaging system