The Max-X DR Univ is a modern, cost-effective, universal digital radiographic system with a flat panel detector. This compact system performs all general examinations. Low ceiling height requirement, motorized and manual movement capability, wide motion / SID range, easy positioning, superior image quality,  seamless workflow, safety, quality components and accessories and connectivity are the main characteristics of the system.

The touch screen console of the system is the control panel of the HF generator as well. The computer is connected to the hospital PACS as a standard DICOM modality.




S-arm universal radiographic stand with mobile patient table


The Max-X DR Univ system is a unique compact radiographic stand with the widest motion range in the industry. From chest procedures to table, lateral exposures to full-body stitching studies, the Max-X DR Univ is a single equipment for all RAD applications.

Its stand is fully motorized and counterbalanced, equipped with four electric motors for precise and effortless positioning. Patients can sit, stand or lay down on a mobile table. The unique design preserves the alignment between the collimator and the digital receptor in any position. With an SID range of 100 to 200 cm (39.5" to 79"), the stand offers a variety of examination possibilities, including chest, oblique, table and lateral views.

The four-way floating mobile radiographic patient table with four lockable casters specifically designed for use with the Max-X DR Univ system.

The motorized, automatic patient positioning is integrated into the user-friendly touch screen control. The number of programs and their positions can be determined during installation. A convenient Bluetooth RF remote control is also provided for precise positioning.

The Max-X DR Univ stand is equipped with a comprehensive set of active and passive safety mechanisms, including spatial awareness, optional proximity sensors for preventing collisions and mechanical safety features to protect users and patients.

The system comes with industry standard highly compatible components and accessories: the most reliable  X-ray tubes, high voltage cables and AEC detectors, high density grids.


Digital flat panel detector


The heart of the Max-X DR Univ system is a highly reliable, high resolution 43x43 cm image area, direct digital flat panel detector, capable of creating high quality images with very low patient dosage. The digital image appears on the touch screen monitor within 6 sec after exposure. The operator can immediately consider whether the examination should be repeated (e.g. blurred X-ray of the patient). The detector connection to the controller PC can be wired or Wi-Fi.


High-frequency X-ray generator and tube


In the Max-X DR Univ system X-ray is provided by a modern, microprocessor controlled, high frequency X-ray generator and its associated rotating anode fine focus X-ray tube. The generator control is integrated to the touch screen control panel of the imaging system. Optimal image quality is guaranteed by the built-in AEC dose control. The supervisor program monitors the system status and any operator intervention all the time - thus effectively preventing any setting or events that could cause damage or overload to the system.


Integrated control console and operation


The Max-X DR Univ system is controlled from a large, integrated touch screen console. All functions are accessible here: worklist handling, patient administration, study selection, generator control. It displays the preview image after exposure, and when the operator checked, it can be sent to the connected hospital PACS for storage and processing (evaluation, printing, archiving etc). The built-in software performs automatic image optimization, but wide range of manual image post-processing functions are available as well. The ergonomic design and large icons ensure reliable control in any environment.



  • Manual or motorized movement, optional Bluetooth remote control
  • Fix or floating-top table with fix height or motorized height adjustment, optional carbon fibre design
  • Wide range of selectable detectors (35x43 or 43x43cm, cassette-size compatible or not, wired or Wi-Fi connected)
  • 40/50/65/80 kW generators, for single or three phase operation, with integrated touch screen control
  • Wide selection of DICOM services


  • Universal S-arm radiographic stand
  • Motorized, manual and remote controlled adjustment
  • Elevating patient table and 4-way floating table-top
  • 43x43 cm fix mounted or portable DR flat panel detector
  • Integrated touch screen control, multilanguage operation
  • Automatic grid suppression and image optimization
  • Wide range of image post-processing options
  • Standard DICOM network connection to PACS
  • 40-80kW high-frequency X-ray generator with AEC
  • Generator control integrated into the imaging system
  • Automatic tube protection and HU calculation